Quixote 0.4.4 released 
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 Quixote 0.4.4 released

Version 0.4.4 of the Quixote Web development toolkit is now available.
Quixote uses a python package to store all the code and HTML for a
Web-based application.  HTML is generated with PTL, Python Template
Language; the basic syntax of PTL looks just like Python, but
expressions are converted to strings and appended to the output.

The change log for this version is:

  * Simplify munging of SCRIPT_NAME variable, fixing a bug.
    Depending on how Quixote was called, the path could have been
    appended to SCRIPT_NAME without a separating slash.  (Found by
    Quinn Dunkan.)

  * On Windows, set mode of sys.stdout to binary.  This is important
    because responses may contain binary data.  Also, EOL translation
    can throw off content length calculations.  (Found by David Ascher)

  * Added a demonstration of the form framework. (Neil)

  * Removed the outdated test/ directory.  The Quixote unittest.py is
    now available as a separate package called Sancho
    ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ).

  * Added an escape hatch for XML-RPC handlers;
    http_request.process_inputs() will no longer consume all of standard
    input when the Content-Type is text/xml.

  * Removed a debug print from form.widget.

The Quixote home page is at:

The code can be downloaded from:

Discussion of Quixote occurs on the quixote-users mailing list:

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Code generators are hacks. Sometimes necessary hacks, but hacks
    -- Paul Prescod, 7 Jun 2000

Sun, 18 Jul 2004 05:07:29 GMT  
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