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 Update release Python LINUX RPMS


I reworked my python LINUX RPMS support the recent changes and patches to
Python. I have included all the patches on www.python.org, but none of the
patches that have been posted to comp.lang.python cause I like to provide a
standard distribution that works as intended by Guido van Rossum.

The distribution has finally found a home on Starship Python, which was
suggested by Guido, and he already setup the link to it on the Python 1.5 page
on www.python.org.

You can find everything on


Things to come during the next days are:

        mySQLmodule package
        PyGreSQL package
        updated NumPy package
        updated PIL package (as soon as 0.3a4 is available)
        updated SWIG package

All these will be announced in a seperate posting. Attached to this posting is
the README from the ftp dir, detailing what you can find there and what you
have to consider if you want to install these packages.

All the binary packages are for GLIBC systems. If anybody is in need of libc
based packages, I can provide them as well, cause I have to compile them for
some servers at work also.

I am looking forward to also provide ALPHA packages quite soon.

Best regards, Oliver

Oli's Python 1.5 Distribution for RedHat 5.0 systems
(only intel based systems at the moment)

The only person to blame for this work is me, Oliver Andrich

If any of this doesn't work, contact me first and we will see if it is a
problem of the package or the tool itself.

1. The Files
2. Installation
3. Credits

The Files

README                                    - this file

python-1.5-8.i386.rpm                     - the base python package
python-_tkinter-1.5-8.i386.rpm            - lowlevel interface to Tcl/Tk
                                            required by python-tkinter
python-curses-1.5-8.i386.rpm              - the official standard curses
python-devel-1.5-8.i386.rpm               - all you need to compile your own
python-doc-1.5-8.i386.rpm                 - the documentation. includes html
                                            and postscript docs, the demos and
python-gdbm-1.5-8.i386.rpm                - interface to GNU dbm library
python-tkinter-1.5-8.i386.rpm             - the highlevel OO interface to
python-zlib-1.5-8.i386.rpm                - interface to zlib >= 1.0.4

python-gd-1.2-2.i386.rpm                  - interface top the popular gd
                                            library of Mr. Boutell

python-imaging-0.3a3-6.i386.rpm           - the Python Imaging Library
python-imaging-_tkinter-0.3a3-6.i386.rpm  - a replacement for python-_tkinter
                                            that adds the PIL Tk support to
                                            Tkinter. Look at the doku included
                                            in the basic PIL pacakge

python-numpy-1.0b3-2.i386.rpm             - Python's Numerical facilities

swig-1.1p4-1.i386.rpm                     - the swiss army knife for everybody
                                            who want's to extend Python, and
                                            the somewhat less used languages
                                            like Perl, Tcl, Guile, ... ;-)

                                            stepified Tcl/tk
TkStep-man-8.0p2-1.i386.rpm                 - the manpages
TkStep-python-8.0p2-1.i386.rpm              - the Python interface with some
                                            TkStep specific extensions
                                            (NO PIL support yet!)

tcl-8.0p2-1.i386.rpm                      - This is a tcl/tk ditribution I  
tcl-devel-8.0p2-1.i386.rpm                  packaged to support the
tcl-source-8.0p2-1.i386.rpm                 multithreaded stuff in Tkinter and
tk-8.0p2-2.i386.rpm                         it also includes the elide Patch
tk-devel-8.0p2-2.i386.rpm                   from the TkMan distribution. This
tk-source-8.0p2-2.i386.rpm                  required to make the precompiled
                                            python-_tkinter or python-imaging-
                                            _tkinter work.

glint-2.4-4.i386.rpm                      - a recompiled glint that works with
                                            my Python distribution

vim-5.0-2.i386.rpm                                                                                              - my editor of choice with a cool interface to Python


What files exactly you install is up to you and your needs. And the file names
should be quite selfdescribing.

To use this distribution you have to consider whether you want to use Tkinter
or not.

* If you want to use tkinter with or without PIL support.

Install all the python-* packages you like, but also install my Tcl/Tk
distribution cause otherwise Tkinter won't work at all.

IMPORTANT! You have to install python-_tkinter-1.5-8.i386.rpm or
python-imaging-_tkinter-0.3a3-6.i386.rpm before you install
python-_tkinter-1.5-8.i386.rpm cause you need one of these modules. The first
is a plain lowlevel tk interface and the other is with added PIL support.

My Tcl/Tk  distribution is a plain Tcl/Tk 8.0p2 with two patches:

  - Guido van Rossum's patch to tclNotify.c to support threads in conjuntion
    with Tkinter based GUI's
  - the elide patch from TkMan. This is required to make TkMan work, doesn't
    cause any problems otherwise. It was included by request of Les Schafer.

If you have yourself extended Tcl/Tk in own or another way, that take my SRPMS
and apply you patches accordingly or ask me to include the support for package
X. If it is sensible I will of course include it.

You also have to update glint after installing my Python distribution cause
it had to be recompiled to work with Python 1.5.

And also do what is described under the next section.

* If you don't want to use Tkinter at all.

Install whatever you want and need. But you have to do the following after

In order to make the tools using newt work again. (all the commandline setup
tools of RedHat 5.0) you have to do the followinG.

cp /usr/lib/python1.4/linux-i386/_snackmodule.so /usr/lib/python1.5/lib-dynload/
cp /usr/lib/python1.4/snack.py /usr/lib/python1.5/

Afterwards everything works really fine.

Oliver Andrich, Rhein-Zeitung/RZ-Online, Schlossstrasse 42, D-56068 Koblenz

PGPKey: request the following URL

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