Python Database API Specification 2.0 
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 Python Database API Specification 2.0

The python Database SIG is proud to announce a new revision of
the database interface specification for Python:

         *** Python Database API Specification 2.0 ***

The new version of the specification fixes some important short comings
of the old 1.0 version. Most notably, the dbi abstraction module
was folded into the interface module and new abstract data type
constructors were added.

You can find the version 2.0a15 document on the DB-SIG web-site
at (this URL will become the official citation
URL for the specification):


Until the above page is updated, you can find the final 2.0 version
on Starship:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~lemburg/DatabaseAPI-2.0.html

Here are a few more links that should be of interest if you
intend to do database related work with Python:

The DB-SIG homepage:

The Database Topic Guide:

The old version 1.0 of the specification:

We hope that this long needed update will be welcomed by the
Python database community.

Enjoy !

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>
Python Database API 2.0</A> - New revision of the Python Database API
Specification.  (13-Apr-1999)

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