COMMERCIAL: JournyxTIME -- Project Mgmt/Time Tracking 
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 COMMERCIAL: JournyxTIME -- Project Mgmt/Time Tracking

Perhaps the only commercial app written in Python.

FREE for 5 users and less, download it from


100% web-based project management and time tracking software. In use by
Cisco and General Electric <g>

Help python by helping it spread commercially.  New version has advanced
backup and restore, ODBC capability. On the drawing board:  expense
reporting and tighter project management integrations

And please, please, tell us what you REALLY think about our software.  Thx.

Bill and the rest of the Journyx crowd.

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>JournyxTIME</A> - web-based
commercial project management and time tracking software, written in
Python.  (16-Mar-99)

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