Another "Adopting Python" paper 
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 Another "Adopting Python" paper


After seeing the first post on this, I decided to add mine
to the fire.

My paper was presented at a software working group meeting for
experiment Hall A at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator
Facility (this meeting was held at Florida International
University in Miami).  Some of what is in the paper might not
make too much sense, since it mentions specifics of the
data-analysis system we're now using.  However, the bulk of
the paper details a project to port an existing fortran code
to Python, and is fairly detailed on advantages, disadvantages,
and speed comparisons of the resulting codes.  This would
probably be useful to anyone doing scientific data-analysis
type work, especially if they use Fortran (or F77) codes.

A gzipped tar file is available which includes the complete paper,
the slides for the presentation, and all of the source code.

People interested in the lab where this is being used should visit


or for the Hall A endstation,


Have fun!
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