txObject ATK 1.3.9 
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 txObject ATK 1.3.9

I'm please to announce the release of txObject ATK 1.3.9.
This release provides developers the ability to use txObject
ATK on Apple's Mac OS X platform. Unix, Linux, and Window
platforms are still supported.

What is it?

txObject ATK is a collection of platform-independent C++ &
python Class libraries (GPL) that provides a five-layer
framework containing an Object Library, I/O and Timers,
Object-Oriented Threads (Native/Home Grown), Inter-Process
Communication, and Distributed Object Communication. txObject
ATK can be found at either of the following sites:

Official Site

SourceForge (development & bug tracking)


Wed, 13 Apr 2005 09:46:00 GMT  
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