PyApache 4.14 (Python module for Apache web server) 
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 PyApache 4.14 (Python module for Apache web server)

All you Pythoners that use our favorite language for CGI should
know that Version 4.14 of the PyApache module is out.

For those of you that don't know, PyApache embeds python in Apache
to improve CGI performance.

If you're using Apache 1.3.1 you'll need this version. You should
be able to obtain it from though it
doesn't seem to be there now.

Until it shows up there, you can also fetch it from
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~cary/PyApache-4.14.tar.gz

Below is the message from the module's maintainer. I also included
the last paragraph from the BUGS file:

   * Maybe not a bug, but: in 4.14, the Location header gets honored if it
     is a local URL (begins with '/'), otherwise you need to explicitly say
     "Status: 302". mod_cgi.c, in this situation, says <<Note that if a
     script wants to produce its own Redirect body, it now has to
     explicitly *say* "Status: 302">>, and returns a REDIRECT code, which is
     difficult in current PyApache.
     I do not understand very well the situation, so my doubts...

You can also send Status: 301 (moved permanantly as opposed to
temporarily). I don't understand the situation well either, neither
was I able to tell what difference 301 vs 302 make to the client.
As far as the server goes, it seems they are only differentiated
to allow for customized response pages. Though since nearly all
browsers seem to forward you along automatically I'm not sure
this is particularly useful! I guess if you send that Status:
and no Location: header you'd see the different error page/message.


Subject: PyApache 4.14
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:14:27 +0200

>From the NEWS file

* 1998-07-27, release 4.14:
  - Restated copyright.
  - Initialize threads if needed: this fixed an annoying link problem
    on Linux.
  - __persistdict__ in __builtins__, for better accessibility.
  - Initialize the loadpath as Python 1.5 does.
  - Handle the Location: header, but check last item in `BUGS'.
  - Works with 1.3.1.

bye, lele.
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