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 Spambayes 1.0a3 Released

The (very!) long awaited third spambayes pre-release is now available.
This includes significant improvements over the previous release, and is
recommended for all users.

Note that this is not a new binary release for the Outlook plugin, which
will be released soon.

This release includes the following versions of the various Spambayes
 o SMTP Proxy: SpamBayes SMTP Proxy Alpha1, version 0.01 (May 2003)

 o POP3 Proxy: SpamBayes POP3 Proxy Beta1, version 0.1 (May 2003),
   using SpamBayes POP3 Proxy Web Interface Alpha2, version 0.02

 o Lotus Notes Filter: SpamBayes Lotus Notes Filter Alpha1, version 0.01
(March 2003)

 o IMAP Filter: SpamBayes IMAP Filter Alpha1, version 0.01 (May 2003),
   using SpamBayes IMAP Filter Web Interface Alpha1, version 0.01

 o Outlook: SpamBayes Outlook Addin Beta1, version 0.3 (June 2003)
   [But see above]

 o Hammie: SpamBayes command line tool (Hammie) Beta1, version 0.1
(January 2003)

The major changes from the previous release are listed below.  For more
the reader is referred to the changelog, or for extreme details, to the
check-ins archive.  This is a rather long list, since it has been a long
time since the previous release.

Changes are broken into sections for each application, plus one that
probably only interest developers, and one for everything else.

Any actions necessary to move to this release from the previous release
noted in the "Transition" section.

New in Alpha Release 3

Outlook Plugin
 o The Outlook Plugin now works with bsddb[3] databases, and uses them
   rather than pickles, if available.
 o The Outlook Plugin now stores files in the "correct" windows
   These will be automatically migrated.
 o Show all tokens in message when showing clues in Outlook plugin.
 o Fix a bug in the Outlook plugin test code.
 o Only create "Spam" field on mail items in Outlook plugin.
 o MAPI exceptions are better handled.
 o Errors when hotmail connector cannot save the message are suppressed.
 o Tokens are listed one per line in Show Clues.
 o Messages can be scored after training.
 o Plugin *may* now work correctly in non-English locales.
 o Databases are saved after any training operation.
 o Handle malformed messages better in the Outlook plugin.
 o In Outlook plugin, create our own toolbar, rather than using the
   standard one.
 o Use 'wait' cursor when incremental training in Outlook plugin.
 o In Outlook plugin, save config when dialog closes and not at
 o Clean up toolbar images.
 o In Outlook plugin, no longer default to the "Inbox".
 o In Outlook plugin, when filtering, saving the spam score is no longer
 o 2 new [General] options - delete_as_spam_message_state and
 o Prevent "Deleted items", Outbox and Sent Items from appearing
   in the folder list.
 o Allow either spam or unsure messages to be marked as read as they are
 o Significant improvements to the toolbar.
 o Standardised name from "Anti-Spam" to "Spambayes"
 o Significant changes to configuration (moving from a pickle to .ini

POP3 Proxy
 o The POP3 Proxy can now include the classification in the "To" or
   "Subject" headers, which allows Outlook Express users to perform
   filtering on the classification.
 o The POP3 Proxy can add an id (as a header or in the body) to track
   emails.  This can be used with the SMTP Proxy, or to find a
   message from the web interface.
 o Added include_score option to (optionally) note the score of the
   in a header.
 o Added level (thermostat) and evidence headers for pop3proxy.
 o Added pop3proxy_server to allow pop3proxy to run as a Windows
 o Improved configuration page for the user interface.
 o A "Show Clues" button next to each message in the "Review" page of
   web interface.
 o Messages in the "unknown" cache are expired, just like those in the
   "ham" and "spam" caches.
 o Messages are expired (if old enough) each time a client connects to
   proxy, rather than on the proxy startup.
 o pop3proxy_port, pop3proxy_server_name and pop3proxy_server_port
   were removed (these were deprecated in Alpha 2).
 o If a file is removed from the cache (not by the proxy) this no longer
   causes an exception.
 o Messages received in quick succession (within the same second) may
   have been visible in the "review" page; fixed this.
 o Added "Refresh" button to "Review" page.
 o Improved proxying of "STAT" POP3 command so that a guess at the
   size is returned.
 o Web interface encourage browsers not to cache the pages.
 o Added an option to display who a message is to in the "Review" page.
 o A new option to correct for a much higher ratio of spam to ham (or
   vice-versa) is available via the interface page.

 o Added base message classes for use by all Spambayes applications -
   currently used by the IMAP filter and POP3 proxy.
 o Major rework of the configuration file loading and format of
 o Test code moved out of
 o Web interface code abstracted out of
 o A version information repository for all applications.

 o A utility to dump the contents of a CDB database.
 o -c and -d options to
 o A basic filter for Lotus Notes.
 o A SMTP Proxy to allow training via forwarding/bouncing messages.
 o Various files to test "incremental training" (or "self training").
 o Option to mkgraph to spit out counts *or* error rates, and n-day
   averages *or* cumulative.
 o Note when the subject charset is invalid (rather than raising an
 o A filter for IMAP.
 o A script to test the effectiveness of following URLs in messages when
   insufficient clues are otherwise present.
 o 'Nonsense' HTML tags are stripped rather than replaced with a space
   (e.g. Wr<!$FS|i|R3$s80sA >inkle Reduc<!$FS|i|R3$s80sA >tion becomes
    "Wrinkle" and "Reduction" rather than "Wr", "inkle", "Reduc" and
 o Decode numeric character entities so that
   yo&#117;r se<!XE>p&#116;ic sys&#116;em becomes "your septic system".
 o <p> and <br> tags are replaced with single blanks.
 o DB classifier keeps a list of "changed words" to prevent saves from
   updating *all* words.
 o DB classifier no longer caches hapaxes.
 o In muttrc, fix incorrect Spambayes header name.
 o Integrated code for the VM mailer into spambayes.el
 o In hammiefilter,  make untrain mode work.

 o If you are using the Outlook Plugin and a recent bsddb or bsddb3 is
   available, you will need to do a full retrain.
 o If you had set the environment variable BAYESCUSTOMIZE to point to
   than one configuration file, you will need to change the separator
   character from a space to the path separator for your platform (a
   semi-colon on windows, a colon on *nix and a newline on Mac OS9)
 o If your old configuration file used the pop3proxy_port,
   pop3proxy_server_name or pop3proxy_server_port options, these will no
   longer work.  Copy the values in them and use the web interface to
   update your configuration file.
 o Your old configuration file more than likely includes deprecated
   settings.  The old settings will still work for the moment, but you
   should take the time to update them.  The ""
   script will convert the file for you, without loss of comments, and
   avoiding whitespace changes where possible.
 o If you are using POP3 proxy, you should use the web interface to set
   location of the "message info" database (a full pathname is
 o If you are using POP3 proxy, it is recommended (but not required)
   you do a full retrain to take advantage of the "message info"

Reported Bugs Fixed
The following bugs tracked via the Sourceforge system were fixed:
677804, 642740, 685746, 693423, 696995, 696476, 697120, 698852, 700165,
704921, 707491, 725307, 725616, 725307, 725466, 726255, 728886, 715248,
733247, 737956, 737955, 706170, 737986, 743515, 749277

A url containing the details of these bugs can be made by appending the
bug number to this url:

Feature Requests Added
The following feature requests tracked via the Sourceforge system were
690928, 703283

A url containing the details of these feature requests can be made by
appending the request number to this url:

Thu, 08 Dec 2005 10:14:59 GMT  
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