WebLog 0.96 available (logfile analysis toolkit) 
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 WebLog 0.96 available (logfile analysis toolkit)

Version 0.96 of the WebLog modules for the python programming language is
now available. Discounting any bugs, this is a candidate for the 1.0

The WebLog modules are free for any use, as long as copyright is
maintained.  For more information, or to download them, see

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mnot/script/python/WebLog/

Any suggestions (including more formats!), bugs or comments should go to

Changes in 0.96:
- added dummy attributes to __init__ methods of parsing classes
- used a while loop instead of recursion for catching errors in parsing classes
- renamed some attributes in SquidWebLog for clarity
- added SquidWebLog example script
- add WebLogLimit module (TimeLimit, HostLimit, PathLimit classes)
- used a test in __init__ instead of try/except for attribute testing in
  WebLogUrlParse, WebLogClean
- moved caching tests into getlogent() in WebLogClean and WebLogUrlParse
  (25% performance improvement)
- fixed WebLogClean.test_clean()
- tweaked siteurl attribute generation in WebLogReferType
- siteurl list made non-case-sensitive in WebLogReferType

The WebLog modules allow you to write logfile analysis scripts that can be
as simple or complex as you like. They currently can parse the following

* Common logfile format
* Combined logfile format
* Squid Proxy logfile format

There are also several postprocessing logfile modules;

* client hostname/ip address resolution
* logfile cleaning/normalisation
* limit output by start/end time, page, directory or filetype requested,
and requesting host or domain
* determine type of referer (offsite, local, file or manual)
* url parsing into its basic components

also included are several examples;

* a script to identify unauthorised attempts to access protected documents
* a script to show a breakdown of referers by page requested
* a script to show terms entered into common search engines to reach a site
* a script to show traffic through a Squid proxy by client and site requested

Mark Nottingham     Melbourne, Australia

"The ability to quickly process millions of bits of information
has nothing to do with thinking" -- Mark Kingwell

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Tue, 19 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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