ExpectPy extension, alpha release 1.6.1 
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 ExpectPy extension, alpha release 1.6.1

I have written a C extension, ExpectPy, for the Expect library, that
does not need for the Tcl library (by default).  With the exception of
the interact and exp_continue, the module is fully featured.  Some of
the expect interpreter functions can be simulated with other constructs
in python (like select), so I did not build those.  The module is
available on UNIX only.

I decided to write this because I have a Expect/Tk program to ping my
ISP so PPP stays open until the program exits.  I've been thinking for
more than a year about writing my own Expect module in Python and
replacing the program with the Python version.  (I've been more busy
with the module than the rewrite though.)  This is my first large scale
attempt at a Python extension, but it seems to work. ;)

Documentation is at < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~arcege/python/ExpectPy/>.
I'll be packaging this doc soon.

Unfortunately I'm limited by the platforms that I can test on:
currently this has only been fully tested on Solaris 2.5 on Intel.
It's been built on both AIX 4.2.1 and RedHat Linux, but with some
problems.  The AIX issues deal with the link editor options and testing
on Linux was though a friend's machine with limited access.  The shared
library build has been tested the most.  The static python interpreter
still needs full testing.

Currently, there is only one known bug (I said known ;).  The
documentation above describes it in some detail.  But it deals with a
name conflict between my PCRE support inside Expect and other modules
with Tcl (like Tkinter).  I have a compile-time alternative for PCRE
support (TclRE) when this conflict manifests.

I've had no end of problems with using Python's makesetup outside of
the Python build area, so I chose to using GNU's autoconf.  But I will
continue to work on the makesetup solution.

What it works with:
  Python 1.4, Python 1.5, Python 1.5.1,
  Expect 5.22, Expect 5.26,
  Tcl 8.0  (for TclRE support)


<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~arcege/python/ExpectPy/">ExpectPy
1.6.1</A> - Python adaptation of Don Libes's "Expect" library for
automation of interactive UNIX processes. (09-Aug-98)

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