ANNOUNCE: ScrumPy - Metabolic modelling in Python 
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 ANNOUNCE: ScrumPy - Metabolic modelling in Python

Dear Modellers,

   ScrumPy is a package of python modules that allows you to do
metabolic modelling. You don't need to know about Python, Programming,
or Modelling or Metabolism to use it (2 out the 4 should suffice, any
more and you're already a power user).

   Current status is 0.9.0, it is IMHO in a state capable of being
useful, but I would like to hear your opininions before bumping up to 1.0.

   Full details here http://www.*-*-*.com/



Dr. Mark Poolman
Post Doct{*filter*}Researcher
Metabolic Control Analysis Group
Oxford Brookes University

Sun, 01 Aug 2004 09:28:00 GMT  
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