Cryptography modules 1.1a2 released 
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 Cryptography modules 1.1a2 released

I'm pleased to be able to announce a new alpha release of the python
cryptography modules, 1.1alpha2.  It can be downloaded from
This alpha release contains the following new features:

        * Most importantly, the distribution has been broken into two
parts: exportable, and export-controlled.  The exportable part
contains all the hashing algorithms, signature-only public key
algorithms, chaffing & winnowing, random number generation, various
utility modules, and the documentation.

        The export-controlled part contains public-key encryption
algorithms such as RSA and ElGamal, and bulk encryption algorithms
like DES, IDEA, or Skipjack.  Getting this code still requires that
you go through an access control CGI script, and denies you access if
you're outside the US or Canada.

        * Added the RIPEMD hashing algorithm.  (Contributed by
Hirendra Hindocha.)

        * Implemented the recently declassified Skipjack block
encryption algorithm.  My implementation runs at 864 K/sec on a
PII/266, which isn't particularly fast, but you're probably better off
using another algorithm anyway.  :)

        * A simple XOR cipher has been added, mostly for use by the
chaffing/winnowing code.  (Contributed by Barry Warsaw.)

        * Added Protocol.Chaffing and  (Contributed by
Barry Warsaw.)  

        Protocol.Chaffing implements chaffing and winnowing, recently
proposed by R. Rivest, which hides a message (the wheat) by adding
many noise messages to it (the chaff).  The chaff can be discarded by
the receiver through a message authentication code.  The neat thing
about this is that it allows secret communication without actually
having an encryption algorithm, and therefore this falls within the
exportable subset.  

        * Tidied up, and removed its use of a block
cipher; this makes it work with only the export-controlled subset

        * Various renamings and reorganizations, mostly internal.

Doubtless I've broken some things in the process; there's a reason
this is alpha2, and not final!  If you run into problems, whether with
the exportable subset or with the complete package, please let me

        For discussion about this release, or about using Python for
any cryptography-related task, join the python-crypto mailing list
Point your Web browser to
<URL: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ; and fill out the
form, or send a message with "subscribe" in the Subject: line to

be sent to me via private e-mail.

A.M. Kuchling                   http://www.*-*-*.com/
We shouldn't surrender so readily to only half understanding all kinds of
things. Try harder to understand, and then when you have understood take a
little time out maybe to explain to others.
    -- Irving Kaplansky, quoted in _More Mathematical People_

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