New Release of Linux Python Distribution (Major update) 
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 New Release of Linux Python Distribution (Major update)


I like to announce a new release of the Linux python Distribution. New
packages have been added, a lot of the addons haven been updated and quite
important recent patches to the core python distribution have been applied.
So I think everyone who uses this distribution should think about
downloading the packages he uses.

IMPORTANT!!! This is pre-announce. The packages and all the other stuff will
be available on Mon Aug 10 13:00:00 MEST 1998 (MEST = GMT+1). I can upload
the stuff tomorrow, but I can't post the announcement because of various
issues at work. ;-)

What's new?

        The following packages have been added.

        - python-mxTextTools-1.0.1
        - python-PyGreSQL-2.1 (contributed by Mark W. Alexander)
        - python-pygtk-0.4.5

What's been updated?

        The following packages have been updated.

        - python-imaging(-_tkinter) to PIL 0.3b2 (both were linked with
                libjpeg 6b, libpng 1.0.2 and zlib 1.1.3)
        - python-mxDateTime to mxDateTime 0.9.0
        - python-mxTools to mxTools 0.8.1
        - python-zlibmodule was linked with zlib 1.1.3
        - the lastest bugs of Python itself have been fixed (Release:

What else has changed?

        - the open issue with xrpm has been solved or whatever you want to
                call it.  Use xrpm-2.2-2 and everything works fine
        - SuSE is out. Any volunteers are welcome, but I don't want to deal
                with this anylonger. I don't have the time and I don't have
                the nerve to cooperate with this company.

Where do you find this?

        The webpage with a news section and package descriptions.


        Ftp servers


                (Use the last server as a last resort, cause this machine is
                a workstation that is used by a real person!!! No not me,
                but my team leader. ;-))

Best regards, Oliver Andrich

Oliver Andrich, Andrich.Net, http://www.*-*-*.com/

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>Linux Python Distribution
1.5.1</A> - updated and extended version of the Python 1.5.1
distribution for Linux (with latest patches).  (09-Aug-98)

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Python Language Home Page:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

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