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 List traffic problems

Many people have noticed that traffic on this list has been
uncharacteristically light for the last few weeks.  We traced the
problem to the news->mail gateway on, however the problem
appeared to be that the news server that python-list gateways /from/
was giving us just a trickle of messages per day.

We've now got word from our ISP that their upstream newsfeed
supposedly "forgot" about us -- they actually have no record that they
were supposed to be giving our ISP a comp.lang.python feed.  Hmm.

In any event they say that our feed should be restored in 24-36
hours.  Whether that means we'll get a flood of back postings or not
isn't clear.  Please keep an eye on the list traffic and see if things
get back to normal over the next several days.  If by next week your
normal deluge of python-list isn't restored, let me know and I'll
re-open the trouble ticket.


Mon, 18 Apr 2005 00:57:40 GMT  
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