Sybase module 0.30 (Graham Ashton release) released 
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 Sybase module 0.30 (Graham Ashton release) released

What is it:

The Sybase module provides a python interface to the Sybase relational
database system. It supports all of the Python Database API, version
2.0 with extensions.  This is the first release in which the DB-API
compliance is as close as it can get with Sybase.

There was a recent thread on comp.lang.python where Python database
modules were labelled experimental and unsupported.  We have decided
to label ours as non-experimental and will be offering commercial
support from this release.  Please refer to our website for details:


For those people who do not have{*filter*}installed, there is a PDF
version of the package documentation.  The postscript version prints
out a handy A5 booklet on an A4 duplex printer.

The module and documentation are all available on here:



Many thanks to Graham Ashton for spending time working with me to
isolate the dynamic SQL deallocation bug.

Changes for this release


1) Dynamic SQL constructed for cursor is now deallocated.  After
   around 9000 different queries over the same cursor the server was
   running out of procedure space.

2) ct_con_props() CS_TDS_VERSION is an integer no a string.

3) ct_con_props(), ct_options(), ct_config() were returning string
   values with trailing nul character.

4) ct_config() CS_VERSION is an integer no a string.

5) Fixed refcount leak in ct_res_info(CS_ORDERBY_COLS)

DB-API compliance:


2) Implemented DB-API Date(), Timestamp(), DateFromTicks(),
   TimestampFromTicks(), and Binary() functions.


1) Complete DB-API documentation for

2) Low level sybasect extension module now explains how the Sybase API
   is wrapped - it does not attempt to explain how to use the API.
   Sybase have excellent documentation which covers that.

   Documentation for bulkcopy descriptors includes a small program to
   bulkcopy a table from one server to another using a single set of

3) Miscellaneous docstring fixups.

Improvements and enhancements:

1) All binary dependence on mxDateTime has been removed - it is now
   integrated at Python level.

   If mxDateTime is available then datetime columns will be returned
   as mxDateTime.DateTime objects - otherwise they are returned as
   internal DateTime objects.

   You can disable the use of mxDateTime by doing this:

        import Sybase
        Sybase.use_datetime = 0

2) Renamed con object in to conn to be consistent with
   sybasect wrapper module.

3) Reorganised and simplified cursor DB-API state machine in

4) Wrap all Sybase API functions with checks for exceptions raised by
   Python callback functions.

5) Added debug, conn, and direction attributes to CS_BLKDESC object.

6) When CS_DATAFMT structures are cleared when initialised - eliminates
   possibility of unexpected values.

7) Added native Sybase datetime/smalldatetime object.  Construct and
   use these objects like this:

>>> import Sybase
>>> a =
>>> type(a)
<type 'MoneyType'>
>>> b = a + 5
>>> b
>>> type(b)
<type 'MoneyType'>
>>> b - a
>>> dt = Sybase.datetime('2001-07-17', Sybase.CS_DATETIME4_TYPE)
>>> dt
Jul 17 2001 12:00AM
>>> type(dt)

<type 'DateTimeType'>

8) Added native Sybase money/smallmoney object.

9) DataBuf objects can autoconvert values to money and numeric values
   during assignment.


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