Synopsis 0.2 Released 
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 Synopsis 0.2 Released

Synopsis is a source code documentation tool that follows a modular
architecture to adapt to different languages, comment styles and output
formats. Currently it supports IDL and C++ languages and HTML output. It
has the ability to scale to large projects, integrating well with
Makefiles to only update documentation for changed files. One of the goals
of Synopsis is to integrate the documentation between different languages,
for example linking implementations in any language with their CORBA
interfaces and vice versa.

It is written in python except for the C++ parser, which is a module
written in C++ based on OpenC++. The IDL parser uses the omniidl tool from
omniORB which is also written in Python. Support for a Python parser is
planned for the next release.

Release 0.2 adds C++ support and a rewritten HTML formatter. It is
complete enough to be in use by the Berlin Project.



Thu, 26 Jun 2003 10:18:20 GMT  
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