Zope license change, now Open Source(tm) 
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 Zope license change, now Open Source(tm)

After much debate, Digital Creations has decided to change the Zope
license by dropping the attribution clause. Bruce Perens has declared
the new license Open Source(tm) compliant.

Digital Creations still requests that sites built with Zope make their
use of Zope known with a 'Powered by Zope' button or otherwise, but it
is no longer required.

Thanks to the vibrant and responsive Zope and open source communities
for showing us the way.

P.S. Zope is a free, Open Source(tm) web application platform used for
building high-performance, dynamic web sites. Zope is written in python
with parts in c, and can be extending in Python.

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>Zope License 0.9.7</A> -
Updated Zope license, dropped attribution, now Open Source(tm).  (29-Jan-1999)


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