New version of Python 1.5.1 documentation 
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 New version of Python 1.5.1 documentation

I've just released a new version of the "standard" documentation:

  FTP from:

  Browse online at:

The python Reference Manual is now maintained in{*filter*}and contains updated
information on a number of topics.

For Macintosh users, there is a new manual titled "Macintosh Library
Modules" which contains the chapters which used to be part of the library
reference; this keeps the documentation for these modules available for
current versions while t{*filter*} down the library reference for non-Mac

For people who need printed versions, PDF and postscript is available for
both A4 and US letter paper sizes.

However, the largest changes are really for documentation authors;
there is some new markup that should be used when documenting modules;
see the file Doc/lib/libtemplate.tex for the comments on
\declaremodule and \modulesynopsis; these make explicit some things
that previously relied on convention to implement, and also reduce the
number of files that need to be modified when a new module is added. If you
are interested in contributing to the documentation, please update your
document sources to this new version.

Please direct any questions or comments on the documentation to



Corporation for National Research Initiatives
1895 Preston White Dr.      Reston, VA  20191

<P>Updated <A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>on-line documentation</A>
   for Python 1.5.1, also available in different file formats via
   <A HREF="">FTP</A>.  (05-Aug-98)

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