New packages added to Linux Python Distribution 
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 New packages added to Linux Python Distribution


I like to announce that three new packages have joined the Linux python
Distribution. All of them are add-on packages which are very, very helpful.

The candidates are


                This is M.-A. Lemburgs nice and very useful DateTime module.
                If you have to do a lot of DateTime calculations or
                interfacing databases, it is very very helpful.


                This is M.-A. Lemburgs collections of NewBuiltins. Nice and
                very handy builtins that you have used many times and coded
                them even more times, and always asked yourself, why you
                don't have them already.


                This is the Python interface to the MySQL database engine.
                This module includes the module created by Joseph Skinner.

All the packages are considered beta. If anyone has any problems with them,
please report them to me.

And as usual all this stuff can be found on:

  RedHat Stuff:
  Webpage:       http://www.*-*-*.com/

But be aware that no Slackware packages of the stuff are available yet. Sorry.
The next release will include them.

BTW, the python packages themselves have also been updated. Current version
is 1.5.1-13.

Bye, Oliver Andrich

Oliver Andrich, Rhein-Zeitung/RZ-Online, Schlossstrasse 42, D-56068 Koblenz

PGPKey: request the following URL

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Tue, 31 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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