ANN: Dive Into Python chapter 5 released 
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 ANN: Dive Into Python chapter 5 released

"Dive Into Python" is a free python book for experienced programmers.
Chapter 5, "Unit Testing", is now available:

Chapter 5 teaches unit testing with PyUnit (now known as the "unittest"
module, standard in Python 2.1).  It goes step by step through the full
lifecycle of a module:
- specifying requirements
- writing test cases
- writing code until all tests pass
- updating tests to handle bugs and new requirements
- refactoring to improve performance

Each step includes full Python source code for both the test cases and the
module being tested, so you can see how the code evolves from a set of
function stubs that fail all test cases to a complete, working, well-tuned

Mark Pilgrim

You're smart; why haven't you learned Python yet?

Tue, 18 Nov 2003 01:09:00 GMT  
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