ANN: ClientForm 0.0.8 released 
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 ANN: ClientForm 0.0.8 released


This stable release fixes two very minor, but very annoying, bugs:

Changes since 0.0.7:
 * Fixed HTMLForm.__str__ so it returns something useful again.
 * Added documentation explaining the peculiar single-checkbox-with-
   missing-value-attribute case (the peculiarity here is not my fault!).

Requires python >= 1.5.2.

ClientForm is a Python module for handling HTML forms on the client
side, useful for parsing HTML forms, filling them in and returning the
completed forms to the server.  It has developed from a port of Gisle
Aas' Perl module HTML::Form, from the libwww-perl library, but the
interface is not the same.

Simple example:

 from urllib2 import urlopen
 from ClientForm import ParseResponse

 forms = ParseResponse(urlopen(" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;))
 form = forms[0]
 form["author"] = "Gisle Aas"

 # returns a urllib2.Request object
 # (see if you don't have urllib2)
 response = urlopen("Thanks"))


Sat, 19 Nov 2005 21:48:10 GMT  
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