JPython-1.0, a pure Java implementation of Python, now available 
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 JPython-1.0, a pure Java implementation of Python, now available

JPython is a freely available implementation of the high-level, dynamic,
object-oriented language python -- integrated seamlessly with the Java(TM)
platform and certified as 100% Pure Java(TM).  JPython complements Java and is
especially suited for embedded scripting, interactive experimentation,
prototyping applications, and building any system where programmer
productivity is a primary concern.  Its rich integration with Java allows
programmers to freely mix JPython and Java code without giving up any of the
advantages of either language.

After eight months of public alpha and beta testing, JPython-1.0 is finally
available for developers.  The distribution is freely available in both source
and binary form.  More information about JPython, and the public download can
be found at:


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