REPOST: [ANN] Pyro 2.3 available 
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 REPOST: [ANN] Pyro 2.3 available

You can get the latest Pyro version (2.3) at http://www.*-*-*.com/

What's new:
Event server fixes (not all problems yet, but many)
Speed improvements. Documentation updates.
Name Server resolving by hostname config item.

What is Pyro?
Pyro is an acronym for python Remote Objects. It is a basic Distributed
 Object Technology system written entirely in Python.

It is extremely easy to implement a distributed system with Pyro, because
all network communication code is abstracted and hidden from
your application. You just get a remote Python object and invoke methods
on the object on the other machine.

Pyro offers you a Name Server, an Event Service, mobile objects, remote
exceptions, dynamic proxies, remote attribute access, automatic
reconnection, a detailed manual, and many examples to get you started
right away.

Irmen de Jong

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