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 fetchem bibany newsgroup filter and downloader

The second public version of Fetchem has been released. It can be
found at " http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;. Fetchem is a
download/filter/decode program for image newsgroups written
entirely in Python. It uses a variety of algorithms to filter spam
out of image newsgroups.

There is currently so much spam in these newsgroups that it has
become very difficult to read them. Good spam filters require a
fully powered programming language. Some of the spam can be
removed by regex searches of the news article headers. But
removing other spam, including the notorious high volume
P`H.E'R-OM,O^NE spam, requires the power of a complete programming
language. Since python ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) is easy to read and
write, it is used in Fetchem.


Some of the features of Fetchem (terrible name) are:

1. Powerful filtering capabilities that the user can reprogram.
    (See match.py.)

2. Prepares HTML output for your browser. "html.py" contains (yet
    another) HTML writing program. It uses Python's keyword
    arguments to pass in the attributes for each tag. For example,
    FONT('stuff', Color='ff0000') returns the string

        <FONT COLOR="ff0000">stuff</A>

3. The header data is kept in a robust MySQL database.

4. Downloads images you choose. Uses uudeview to decode the


A Linux system with:
Python 2.2 +       http://www.*-*-*.com/
MySQL              I used version 3.23.
MySQLdb            I used MySQL-python-0.3.5.
uudeview           0.5.17 or later.
getdatemodule      getdatemodule-19990617-1127-jam.tgz

Wed, 15 Sep 2004 03:34:25 GMT  
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