xmlarch.py - An XML architectural forms processor written in Python 
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 xmlarch.py - An XML architectural forms processor written in Python

xmlarch.py: An XML architectural forms processor written in python

Version:  0.10
Author:   Geir Ove Gr?nmo

Released: July 24th 1998

Homepage: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~grove/software/xmlarch/xmlarch.html


What is xmlarch.py?

The xmlarch.py module contains an XML architectural forms processor written
in Python. It allows you to process XML architectural forms using any
parser that uses the SAX interfaces. The module allow you to process
several architectures in one parse-pass. Architectural document events
for an architecture can even be broadcasted to multiple DocumentHandlers.

The XML architecture processor uses the SAX DocumentHandler interface
which means that you can register the architecture handler (ArchDocHandler)
with any SAX 1.0 compliant parser.

No meta-DTDs are currently read by xmlarch.py, but a DTD parser will be
used when one is avaliable.

Note that this is a very early release and that a lot of things may be
missing. But; it's free!

All kinds of feedback is valuable for the further development of xmlarch.py.


Geir Ove Gr?nmo

 ==================  Geir Ove Gr?nmo  ==================
|  STEP Infotek as, Gjerdrumsvei 12, 0486 Oslo, Norway  |


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