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 MoinMoin 0.11

A WikiWikiWeb is a collaborative hypertext environment, with an emphasis
on easy access to and modification of information. MoinMoin is a python
WikiClone that allows you to easily set up your own wiki, only requiring
a Web server and a Python installation (1.5.2, 1.6 or 2.0).

Most important new features: file attachments, definition list markup
(glossaries), change notification via email, variable substitution when
saving pages, edit preview, and improved documentation.

Note that the RSS features require a recent PyXML (CVS or 0.7) due to
bugs in the namespace handling of xml.sax.saxutils in earlier versions.
This is (hopefully) automatically detected on every installation.

Statistical features are NOT designed to work with Python 1.5.2 and
require Python 2.0 or higher. Overall, MoinMoin 0.11 is not explicitely
tested for 1.5.2 compatibility.



Mailing lists:

New features:
    * XML formatting now (most often) produces well-formed, and, depending
      on proper layout of the wiki page, valid StyleBook XML
    * Headers are now automatically numbered, unless you set the config
      item 'show_section_numbers' to 0
    * "#pragma section-numbers off" (or "0") switches that off explicitely,
      and "on" or "1" enables numbering
    * Added a "contributions" directory for 3rd party extensions
    * AttachFile action, contributed by Ken Sugino; note that you have
      to enable this action because of the possibility of DoS attacks
      (malicious uploads), by adding this to your moin_config:
            allowed_actions = ['AttachFile']
    * "attachment:" URL scheme allows access to attachments, to get files
       from other pages use "attachment:WikiName/filename.ext".
    * New macros: Date(unixtimestamp) and DateTime(unixtimestamp) to
      display a timestamp according to system/user settings
    * Variable substitution when a page is saved, note that saving
      template pages does NOT expand variables. Supported are:

    * Copied some new emoticons from PikiePikie
        || {{{ :-? }}} || :-? || tongue.gif ||
        || {{{ :\  }}} || :\  || ohwell.gif ||
        || {{{ >:> }}} || >:> || devil.gif  ||
        || {{{ %)  }}} || %)  || eyes.gif   ||

        || {{{ |)  }}} || |)  || tired.gif  ||
        || {{{ ;)) }}} || ;)) || lol.gif    ||
    * AbandonedPages macro
    * Added definition list markup: {{{<whitespace>term:: definition}}}
    * Added email notification features contributed by Daniel Sa?
    * SystemInfo: show "Entries in edit log"
    * Added "RSS" icon to RecentChanges macro and code to generate a
      RecentChanges RSS channel, see
      for details
    * Added config.sitename and config.interwikiname parameter
    * Better WikiFarm support:
      * <datadir>/plugin/macro and <datadir>/plugin/action can be used
        to store macros and actions local to a specific wiki instance
      * config.shared_intermap can contain a pathname to a shared
        "intermap.txt" file (i.e. one stored outside the datadir)
    * added `backtick` shortcut for {{{inline literal}}} (has to be
      enabled by "backtick_meta=1" in the config file); note that ``
      is then a shorter replacement for '''''' escaping
    * added inline search fields (at the bottom of each page)
    * Added preview to the editor, including spell checking
    * New languages: Chinese (Changzhe Han) and Portuguese (Jorge
      Godoy), updated French (Lucas Bruand), added Korean (Hye-Shik
      Chang) and Italian (Lele Gaifax)
    * New SystemAdmin macro
    * `[[Anchor(anchorname)]]` macro to insert anchors into a page,
      and [#anchorname Anchor Links].
    * User option to open editor view via a double-click
    * Added commentary field to editor, recent changes and page info
    * Page trails (user option)
    * UserPreferences: checkboxes for double-click edit, page trail,
      fancy links, emoticons, jump to last page visited, and some
      other yes/no options
    * "config.nonexist_qm" is now the default for a user setting
    * `[[GetText(text)]]` macro loads I18N texts (mainly intended
      for use on Help pages)
    * table attributes via "||<attrlist> ... ||", more details on
    * PythonFaq interwiki tag and support for $PAGE placeholder
    * event logging, as the basis for future statistics
    * "moin-dump" command line tool to create a static copy of
      the wiki content
    * "config.external_diff" allows to set an exact path to the
      command, or change the name to for example "gdiff" if GNU
      diff is not a native command in your UNIX flavour
    * `[[PageSize]]` macro
    * the interwiki name "Self" now always points to the own wiki
    * config.title1 and config.title2 are inserted into the output
      right before and after the system title html code (title1
      is right after the <body> tag and normally undefined, title2
      defaults to the "<hr>" above the page contents)
    * Additional link on diff pages to ignore whitespace changes
    * Subpages (config.allow_subpages, config.page_icons_up)
    * ^superscript^ markup
    * `[[FootNote]]` macro
    * many other new config options, see HelpOnConfiguration for
      a complete list
    * [[StatsChart(type)]] shows statistical charts (currently
      defined types: hitcounts, pagesize, useragents)
    * 'inline:' scheme works like 'attachment:', but tries to
      inline the content of the attachment into the page;
      currently knows about "*.py" sources and colorizes them
    * support for Java applet "TWikiDrawPlugin" via
      drawing:<drawingname> URL scheme (you need to activate
      the AttachFile action if you want drawings)
    * numeric entities (&#nnnnn;) are now optionally NOT escaped,
      which allows you to insert more characters into a Latin-1
      page, especially the Euro symbol
    * navi_bar is now a list of page names which should be linked
      on every page
    * test.cgi is now rolled into moin.cgi, and can be called
      by adding "?test" to the wiki base URL. Also, as a security
      feature, the server's environment is only shown for requests
      local to the web server.

Unfinished features:
    * user defined forms
    * XML export of all data in the wiki

    * extended the online help ("Help*" pages)
    * German help pages (thanks to Thomas Waldmann)

    * #425857: python Parser bug on the second call
    * #424917: Caching control
    * #465499: Two HTTPS problems
    * #491155: FrontPage hardcoded
    * Handling of inbound UTF-8 encoded URIs (only with Python >= 2.0)
    * Fix for subtle changes in "re" of Python 2.2
    * User-provided URLs are now never URL-escaped, which allows appending
      #anchors and using %20 for spaces in InterWiki links

Sat, 28 Aug 2004 07:59:17 GMT  
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