Brian 0.1.1 released 
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 Brian 0.1.1 released

Brian 0.1.1 has been released at Mon, 16 Jun.


   Brian  is an unfinished jump-and-run platform game. It is written
   in  the python programming language, using the Pygame library (on
   top  of SDL). Although it will be an independant project, it will
   be  inspired  by Commander Keen. It will be written using a Linux
   workstation,  but  it  should  be  crossplatform  for  all  major
   platforms  (Linux, Windows, Mac). It is called Brian after "Monty
   Python's   Life   of  Brian",  and  the  game  may  contain  some
   references. Currently, Brian includes the following features:
     * Player score
     * Multiple resolutions
     * Monsters
     * Random levels
     * Level editor
     * Level exits
     * Music
     * Sound (very limited)
     * And more, but don't expect it to be very much fun yet


     * Pausing the game works
     * When Brian dies, he hops the screen and the music fades
     * Added Fire sprite
     * Levels and RandomLevels are now configured with Tk
     * Scary sprites now prefer to continue to move in the same
     * Many bugfixes
     * Many internal fixes
     * See NEWS file for details
     * See CVS log for even more details


Visit http://www.*-*-*.com/

Gerrit Holl.

Fri, 02 Dec 2005 17:59:25 GMT  
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