Updated Python documentation available! 
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 Updated Python documentation available!

Updated documentation for python 1.5.2 is now available.  The online
version is available at:


  Archives of the documentation in HTML, LaTeX, PDF, and postscript
formats are available at the same location, and may also be downloaded
via FTP from:


  If you have any questions or comments on the documentation, please
send email to:

  Many additional modules have been documented (22 more!).  Many small
improvements have been made to other parts of the documentation as
well.  The following modules are now documented:

  asyncore          dl                sched          
  chunk             fpformat          SimpleHTTPServer
  cmp               htmlentitydefs    statcache      
  cmpcache          mutex             statvfs        
  codeop            new               sunau          
  curses            nis               SUNAUDIODEV    
  dircache          pty               tty
  dl                rlcompleter  

  Windows users:  If you installed Python using the installer rather
than by building from source, you can get the updated documentation by
downloading the HTML archive and unpacking it into the "Doc" directory
of your installation.

  Most of the new sections were contributions from the Python
community; your help makes the Python documentation some of the best
available for any free programming language!




Corporation for National Research Initiatives

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>Updated Python 1.5.2
documentation</A> - with 22 additional modules documented and
many small improvements.  (06-Jul-99)

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