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 Python MySQLmodule-1.2

Version 1.2 of the python interface to the MySQL database
is now available. All users of previous versions are urged
to upgrade. MySQLmodule-1.2.tar.gz is available in the
download/contrib sections at:


See also Oliver Andrich's site (thanks for packaging):


and hopefully soon at Joe Skinner's page:


Version 1.2 (JS 07/16/1998):
 - Error checking on all mysql API calls
 - Tossed out useless includes which should make FreeBSD happy
 - Added __doc__ string and changed DbType and ResType to
   DBH_Type and STH_Type
 - and DBH[...] now return affected_rows() if no result
 - listdbs(), listtables(), listfields(), and listprocesses()
   now return empty lists instead of None if there is no data.
 - Added DBHObjects:
    o close()
    o insert_id()
 - listfields() and fields() now return more information:
    o pri      - primary key field
    o notnull  - not null field
    o auto_inc - auto_increment field
    o ukey     - unique key field
    o mkey     - multiple key field

Version 1.1a (JS 06/30/98) [never released]:
 - Fixed bug in protoinfo()

Full documentation, sample code, and general ramblings
are in the README file in the archive.

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