Update: GypsyMail 0.6.0 beta 
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 Update: GypsyMail 0.6.0 beta

                          GypsyMail 0.6.0 beta                          

A Form Mail cgi script

A python clone of the well-known cgiemail script, with added features
and flexibility. This script allows you to set up an HTML form on your
website, to collect information from your site's visitors, and send a
very nicely formatted e-mail to yourself, or other e-mail addresses.

Comes with sample forms and templates. Cross-platform. Under continuing
development. I am looking for testers for this script.


   License:  GPL
  Categories:  CGI Scripts

NEW in version 0.6.0 (from the change log):

version 0.6.0 beta - 2000.5.28
        -Wrote an html document file instead of the help.txt file. Much
        more extensive documentation.
        -Changed the way that a field is exempted from a check for      
        headers inserted by a hacker. Removed the previous noverify tag
        from the form field names. Now this is handled by putting an
        additional line in the config file of the form
        values-FormFieldName = <list>.
        -Added a confirm- option. Now two fields can both check for the
        same data and verify that the input matches (such as for
        confirming passwords, and the like).
        -Check for CRLF characters in the message body text and replaced
        them with LF characters, to prevent double line spacing in some
        -Moved most configuration information from the main gypsymail.py
        file to a separate configuration file. This allows for the main
        script to run different forms with different configuration
        -Moved many of the functions used by the main script to a
        separate file, gypsyutils.py.

Sheila King

Sheila King

Sun, 16 Nov 2003 09:41:09 GMT  
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