Don't forget to register for the Python conference! 
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 Don't forget to register for the Python conference!

We know that the python conference isn't until the next millennium.
You still have THREE WHOLE WEEKS to register and qualify for the early
bird registration.  However, at least one of those weeks you will have
partying and family gatherings on your mind, and when that week's
over, recovery from the partying and gathering will probably take
priority over registering for the conference, and as a result you
might be PAYING FULL PRICE!  (The horror!)  That is, if your payment
isn't received by January 5, 2000.

So, be smart and register *before* Christmas.  That's still more than
ten days -- plenty of time to make travel arrangements, register for
the conference, and present your boss with the bill (in that order).

Our motto, due to Bruce Eckel, is: "Life's better without braces."

Some highlights from the conference program:

- 8 tutorials on topics ranging from JPython to Fnorb;
- a keynote by Open Source evangelist Eric Raymond;
- another by Randy Pausch, father of the Alice Virtual Reality project;
- a separate track for Zope developers and users;
- live demonstrations of important Python applications;
- refereed papers, and short talks on current topics;
- a developers' day where the feature set of Python 2.0 is worked out.

Come and join us at the Key Bridge Marriott in Rosslyn (across the
bridge from Georgetown), January 24-27 in 2000.  Make the Python
conference the first conference you attend in the new millennium!

The early bird registration deadline is January 5.  More info:


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