A memory allocator for Python 
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 A memory allocator for Python

(I am sorry for the delay; I posted originally the announce to a wrong address)

A beta release of a new introspective, plug-in memory allocator for python
is available. As any first public release, the future of this project depends
on your interest in it and your feedback. Thank you for testing it.

A description of the allocator, its features and its current state, as well
as example outputs, plots and the full sources are available at:

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~vlad/pymalloc/

A short description follows:

This is a memory allocator for Python, named "pymalloc", which
provides an implementation of the standard C library functions
malloc, calloc, realloc and free, according to the POSIX standard.
It was developed mainly for two purposes:

Introspection.  Being able to analyze how a particular program uses the
memory it allocates from the system can bring significant improvements
to the program, both during its design and execution. Memory usage
profiles very often reveal hidden aspects of the real program behavior.
This malloc provides facilities for building memory profiles which
include several statistics on memory usage: allocated memory, unfreed
memory, memory traces, etc.

Performance.  Memory profile analyses usually clarify our understanding
of the program's memory needs. If the program allocates and releases
memory blocks intensively, one can implement a special-purpose memory
allocator which can lead to better performance at runtime. This malloc
implements an allocation strategy, adapted to Python's memory usage,
which competes with the underlying (general-purpose) system allocator.


http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~marangoz | tel:(+33-4)76615277 fax:76615252

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