ZODB 3.1 / ZEO 2.0 released 
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 ZODB 3.1 / ZEO 2.0 released

I am pleased to announce the final releases of ZODB3 3.1 and ZEO 2.0!

ZODB is an object database for python that provides transactional
persistence while requiring few, if any, changes to application logic.
ZEO is a client-server storage system for ZODB.  The ZEO package is
released on its own and as part of ZODB3.  The separate release is for
Zope users, who already have ZODB.

Source releases are available from:

The ZODB3 release requires a C compiler, while the ZEO2 release is
pure Python.

Windows users can download a binary installer for Python 2.2.2 from:

The components you get with the ZODB3 release are:

- Core ZODB, including the persistence machinery
- Standard storages such as FileStorage
- Supporting modules such as ExtensionClass
- The persistent BTrees modules
- ZEO (versions 1 and 2)
- Experimental Berkeley storages
- Updated documentation

The final release contains roughly the same version of ZODB that is
available with Zope 2.6.  The two releases are not directly
coordinated, so there may be some minor differences.

Many people have contributed to ZODB3.  Special thanks to Toby
{*filter*}enson for the new ZODB Connection cache.  Many people at Zope
Corp. have contributed code and tested unreleased versions.

There was only one change since the last beta release.  A problem with
unexpected exceptions in conflict resolution was fixed to allow
transactions to fail more gracefully.  (This change actually restored
the pre-ZODB3 behavior.)


Sat, 16 Apr 2005 02:33:47 GMT  
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