Mailman 1.0b5 (Mailing list manager) 
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 Mailman 1.0b5 (Mailing list manager)

[Moderator's note: unlike the popular Majordomo package, Mailman is
Open Source software, released under the GNU GPL. Mailman is written        
in python and features a web interface for list subscribers and list
management. Most Python-related mailing lists are handled by Mailman.]

Version 1.0b5 of the Mailman mailing list manager
is now available from the Mailman web page:


Via ftp, the release is available at:

New in this version:

- New file locking that should be portable and work w/ NFS.

 - Better use of packages.

 - Better error logging and reporting.

 - Less startup overhead.

 - Various and sundry bug fixes.

Please be sure to read the README file after downloading.

John Viega



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Sun, 14 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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