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 oracledb 0.2pre1

(Durnit, the digicool guys got the DCOracle release notice out first)

The 0.2pre1 release of oracledb is now available from

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~anthony/oracledb/

Please try this and see how you go - note that it's probably not yet
suitable for production use (note the "pre1" part of the name).


Readme file follows:

Welcome to release 0.2pre1 of oracledb (aka the "it compiles for me") release.

Note that this is a development release - I hope to get it stable, and
release a 0.2 soon.

Now that Digital Creations are no longer maintaining the free Oracle
interface, I'm looking to expand and grow the existing oracledb interface.

This version is based on a fairly extensive rewrite of 0.1.3, to try and
make the code a little easier to deal with. I've smashed Paul Boddie's
stored procedures patch into it, and it seems to work for me.

One addition over the 0.1.3 code that seems to be useful is the ''
script, which will attempt to extract the necessary magic from Oracle's
Makefiles to build the extension.

Future work: see the "Todo" file.

OCI applications are a serious pain in the fundament to work with. The
libraries needed on the link line vary from one minor rev to another.

I've tried to make this easier by parsing the demo OCI makefile, to
extract the necessary magic. It works for me on the systems I can build
on (Solaris, with 8.0.4 and 7.3.2), and I'd like other people to try
it, too. If it fails, you could try to use one of the pre-built ones
in the cookbook/ directory - look for Setup.<os>-oracle<version>. Any
additional notes about building on a particular platform will be in
Readme.<os>-oracle<version>, or just Readme.<os>

Anyway, to do this, try running "". Hopefully it will build
a working "Setup" file, and you can build the extension (see below).

If it doesn't work, you could contact me - please send me the output of
" -d" with your complaint.

building the extension

Assuming you have a working Setup file, either from, or
from the cookbook directory, you should now be able to just do a
"make -f boot" to build a Makefile, then "make" to
build the application.

If you change the Setup file at any point, rebuild the Makefile with
"make Makefile".

contacting me

I'd like to hear about success stories (send me your working Setup
files! :) or problems. I can't promise that I can fix the problems, but
I'll give it a shot.

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