Announce: Python Essential Reference, 2nd Ed. 
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 Announce: Python Essential Reference, 2nd Ed.

               Python Essential Reference, 2nd Edition

I'm pleased to report that the 2nd edition of the python Essential
Reference (New Riders Publishing) has recently been completed and is
on its way to the presses.  This edition retains the concise style of
the first edition, but has been extensively updated to incorporate new
language features and core modules added to Python 2.0 and Python 2.1.

This edition would not be possible without the feedback I received
from the first edition.  Therefore, I'd like to acknowledge the
following individuals for their contributions and suggestions:

Paul Dubois, David Ascher, Mats Wichmann, Tim Bell, Jan Decaluwe, Mike
Coleman, Andrew Kuchling, Greg Ward, Richard Wolff, Holger Durer,
Patrick Moran, Christian Norgaard Storm Pedersen, Dustin Mitchell,
Benjamin Smith, Michael Drumheller, Brett Porter, Michael Dyck, Ian
Thomas Cohen, Steve Burns, David Morrill, Dennis McCoy, Peter Koren,
Richard Gruet, Hamish Lawson, Michael Rodgers, Eric Rowe, Phil Austin,
Aaron Digulla, Jack Gilbert, Joseph Sachs, Daniel Klein, Cecil
Edwards, and apologies to anyone I might have missed.


David Beazley

Mon, 10 Nov 2003 08:36:37 GMT  
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