PyRerverse 0.2.2 
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 PyRerverse 0.2.2

What's new ?
_ remove pypasax dependance,
_ add default diagram generation to pyargo.
See the ChangeLog file for more information.

What's PyReverse ?
Pyreverse is a set of utilities to
reverse enginering python code. So far, it features dependency analysis
tools, documentation generation, and XMI generation for importation in a
UML modeling tool. A special module can be used to generate files readable
by Argo UML. It uses a representation of a Python project in a class
hierarchy which can be used to extract any information (such as generating
UML diagrams and make a few statistics from the Python code, as "pyargo"
and "pystats")

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enjoy !

Sylvain Thenault

  LOGILAB   http://www.*-*-*.com/

Fri, 16 Jul 2004 19:02:47 GMT  
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