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 wxDesigner RAD tool


I'd like to announce an new version of wxDesigner,
a commercial dialog editor and RAD tool for the
free wxWindows GUI library and its popular python
bindings "wxPython".

wxDesigner and wxWindows are available for Windows,
Linux/Unix, MacOS 8/9 and recently MacOS X. New
versions of wxWindows for OS/2 and embedded targets
are under development - the latter already being
able to run under DOS!

wxDesigner has support for creating truely cross-
platforms dialogs in little time. Additionally, it
has support for bitmaps/icons, menus and toolbars
using a simple interface. Its RAD features include
creation of skeleton apps, files, classes, adding
event handlers, menu event handlers and getters.

wxDesigner writes out source code directly in C++,
Python or Perl. Alternatively, it can write XML
files in wxWindows' new resource format for dialogs.
Internationalization can be done easily using GNU
gettext and related tools - wxDesigner itself is
available in English, German, French and Spanish.

New in version 2.7 is support for toolbars, access
to sizers (the layout system used by wxWindows) for
creating dynamic interfaces, many improvements to
the editor, more complete XML output and the version
for MacOS 8/9/X.

As a sidenote, wxPython itself runs under MacOS X
but still has some problems (mainly because the
Python shell under MacOS has its own menubar which
interferes with wxWindows' menubar).

More information, including screenshots and an
evaluation version for downloading is available


More info about wxWindows and wxPython from:





Sat, 03 Jul 2004 06:51:07 GMT  
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