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 Python bindings for Qt & KDE


before going on holiday for a week, I wanted to release the first version
of my Python-bindings for the Qt- and KDE-libraries.

Kdebindings contain an (almost) complete wrapper for the Qt- and
KDE-libraries, created with SWIG ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ). It allows you to
write KDE Applications in Python. (Of course, you can use the Qt-bindings

Be aware that the kdebindings are work in progress. There is still much to
do. As this is the first public alpha release, expect many problems.

To use the kdebindings, you need:

- python 1.5
- SWIG 1.1p4
- Qt 1.32 or 1.33
- KDE-Beta 4 or a newer snapshot

I have uploaded the package kdebindings-0.1.tar.gz to It will soon appear at

As an alternative, you can get the package from my website:
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~hoelzer/pub/kdebindings-0.1.t...

This is the lsm file:

Title        = kdebindings
Version      = 0.1
EnteredDate  = 13JUN1998
Desc1        = Qt & KDE bindings for Python
Desc2        = kdebindings is a set of wrappers to use the Qt and KDE
Desc3        = libraries with the Python language.
Author       = Matthias Hoelzer

Required1    = Qt, KDE, Python, SWIG
CopyPolicy1  = GPL
CopyPolicy2  =
Keywords     = KDE, Qt, Python, SWIG



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