ExpectPy 1.8.2 - Expect extension for Python 
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 ExpectPy 1.8.2 - Expect extension for Python

I've created a patch release for ExpectPy which fixes some Linux
bugs and build problems.

I have also moved the ExpectPy webpage to Starship Python:
The old URL points to the new location.  The author's email address

Note:  Expect does not support Tcl 8.1 (and is expected to support
Tcl 8.2 instead); the regular expression engine and interface in
Tcl 8.1 changed making Expect and ExpectPy unusable with that
release.  This may cause problems when compiling ExpectPy with
earlier versions of Tcl, and compiling Tkinter with Tcl/Tk 8.1.


Changes since 1.8:
* Linux has different mechanisms for extended CBAUD and for when a
  terminal detects EOF (the error EIO is returned).
* Add helper macros to the code for better readability.
* Make the C code more compilable (K&R C).
* Fix various build issues.
* Add a new option to the configure script to force using static
* Beta releases of python include a "bN" in the version string,
  strip this inside the configure script.
* Handle searching for the pthread library.
* Make some minor changes for using Tcl 8.1 in a later release.
* Change the ask.py example to use the new stty method instead of
  termios (which I find is not compiled on many systems).
* Fix a bug where setattr of the settings object could receive a NULL.

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>ExpectPy
1.8.2</A> - Python adaptation of Don Libes's "Expect" library for automation
of interactive UNIX processes.  (05-Jul-99)

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