Prime Time Freeware publishes two-volume set on Python 
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 Prime Time Freeware publishes two-volume set on Python

Prime Time Freeware (PTF) is pleased to announce the publication of a
two-volume set of document collections on Python:

  "Python: Library Reference" contains (D'oh!):

    python Library Reference

  "Python: Miscellanea" contains:

    Distributing Python Modules
    Documenting Python
    Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter
    Installing Python Modules
    Macintosh Module Reference
    Python Reference Manual
    Python Tutorial
    Python/C API

These volumes are part of PTF's inaugural press run for DOSSIER, a
series of document collections on assorted topics related to Free and
Open Source software:

  Email:         Exim 3
                 Mail and Sendmail

  File Systems:  FreeBSD Manual Pages

  Kernel:        FreeBSD Manual Pages

  PostgreSQL:    Programming and Development
                 Reference Manual
                 Use and Administration

  Python:        Library Reference

  Text:          Manual Pages

DOSSIER collections are available through BSDMall ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ).
For more information, visit PTF's DOSSIER page ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ).

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