Python2C alpha release 1.0a2 
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 Python2C alpha release 1.0a2

Python2C alpha release 1.0a2

Python2C is a python to C translator that attempts to speed up Python code
by removing a significant fraction of the CPython VM overhead.

This is an alpha release. There are quite likely lots of bugs remaining, but
I'm making this release because I actually fixed a bug or two, and decided
to release it out to the world.

Python2C can be downloaded off of its homepage:

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~rassilon/p2c/

Changes since the original release:

Fixed handling of packages. (import x.y.z)
Added support for non-global named imports (from x import a,b,c)
Fixed binary operator handling thinko.
Tweaked string outputting 7 ways from Sunday, so it should work now.
                                                 *crosses fingers*

See the README file for still currently unimplemented features.

Anybody want to help fix default argument handling for lambdas, nested functions, etc?
I can provide the details if someone wants to have a crack at it.

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~rassilon/p2c/">Python2C 1.0a2 (alpha)</A>
- Python-to-C translator that attempts to speed up Python code be removing a
significant fraction of the CPython VM overhead.  (23-Mar-99)

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