New editable Python TO-DO List at 
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 New editable Python TO-DO List at

Our illustrious leader has given me permission [wink] to broadcast to the
python community that there is now an editable python TO-DO (a la the FAQ
Wizard) list at


there is a broad range of topics, so if you have an idea to make python
better in any way, go put it on the list. of course, placing an item on the
list does not guarantee its inclusion in future releases, but please
include your idea anyway--getting ideas into the discussion is very
important; you may come up with something that sparks another neat idea.

even more important, however, is volunteering to get some of these things
done. your few hours of work can save MANY man hours of your colleagues
reinventing the wheel...

thanks for your time, consideration, and dedication to python.

jason mcvay

Resident Hall Director
Judicial Coordinator

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Tue, 09 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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