Sancho 0.0 (unit testing framework) released 
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 Sancho 0.0 (unit testing framework) released

Version 0.0 of the Sancho unit testing framework is now available.  
Sancho is the unit test module that we use at the MEMS Exchange.
Among the features it supports are:

      * Simple and relatively straightforward to use
      * Several different test functions: test_stmt, test_val, test_type, etc.
      * Optionally displays the code coverage of a test suite
      * Includes a script for running all test suites in a directory tree

It's numbered version 0.0 because the code in sancho/ is
fairly repetitive, and badly needs to be refactored and tidied up.
This might require changing the public interface for Sancho at some
future unknown date.  I've released other packages that use Sancho for
the test suite, though, which is why I've prepared this release.

The Sancho home page is at:

The code can be downloaded from:

There's no mailing list for Sancho, but you can discuss it on the
quixote-users mailing list:

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