HOWTO: Regular Expressions 
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 HOWTO: Regular Expressions

A new HOWTO on regular expressions, and on using them via the re
module, has been released.  The HOWTO takes a tutorial-style approach,
instead of the more compact exposition in the Library Reference, and
hopefully will provide a gentler introduction to regexes.

The HTML version is at:

Versions in PDF, postscript, DVI, and plain ASCII are accessible from
the HOWTO page at:

Doubtless there are regex-related topics I've forgotten to cover and
various infelicities in the writing style; please send me suggestions
for improvements and for additional topics.  In particular, please
point out any sections that are confusing, so I can improve them.
(This HOWTO will probably wind up in an upcoming book, so *please*
send suggestions.)

<P><A HREF=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;>Regular
Expression HOWTO</A> - Introduction to text processing with the re
module.  (12-Aug-98)

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