In memoriam: Jak Kirman 
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 In memoriam: Jak Kirman

The following message was sent to the XML-SIG list, to which Kirman
was a subscriber.  People who've been around for a while will probably
remember the Python/Perl phrasebook that Kirman wrote around 1998.
(Poking around his Web site, I came across
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ; both
diarists and parents might find it interesting.)


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Nov 10 - We are sorry to report that Jak Kirman passed away recently.
Jak received his PhD from Brown in 1994. He worked as a postdoc for
Leslie Kaelbling and Tom Dean for the next year and a half and served
the department as an instructor for the object-oriented section of
CS04. Although Jak had been having some health problems, his death was
sudden and unexpected.

The CS Department is setting up a fund for the education of Jak's
daughter Hayley, and would be most grateful for your contributions.
Please make out checks to Kathleen Kirman and send them to Katrina
Avery at the address below; thank you very much indeed.

Katrina Avery, Computer Science Dept., Box 1910, Brown University,
Providence, RI 02912.

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