python interface for global arrays 
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 python interface for global arrays


The GlobalArrays python extension module provides a Python language
interface to the C Global Arrays library.

Global Arrays (GA) is a numerically-oriented, portable, parallel programming
environment including distributed shared-memory with both one-sided and
collective operations, message passing, and interfaces to parallel BLAS and
linear algebra packages. The library (C and fortran interfaces and this
Python interface) is freely distributed in the public domain, and, since
many projects rely upon it, it is well supported. It runs on every parallel
computing platform to which we have access including both massively parallel
super-computers and clusters of SMP workstations. GA inter-operates with any
of the MPI, TCGMSG or PVM message passing libraries.

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Python interface to the Global Arrays C library (a numerically-oriented
parallel programming environment in the public domain).  (08-Dec-99)

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