PalmPython 0.4.0 - Python Language PalmOS Synchronization 
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 PalmPython 0.4.0 - Python Language PalmOS Synchronization

PalmPython -- python Language PalmOS Synchronization

                     Version 0.4.0 / June 8, 1998

                            Rob Tillotson

                      http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~rob/cq/
                    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~rob/python/


  PalmPython is an extension package for the Python[1] programming
  language which allows access to PalmOS connected organizers[2] and
  their data.  Using the popular pilot-link[3] library, PalmPython
  provides a high-level, object-oriented, extensible interface to
  PalmOS data, both on the local disk and on the device.

  Current PalmOS devices include the popular Pilot, PalmPilot, and
  PalmIII series from 3Com, and the IBM WorkPad.


  * Full support for the PalmOS standard synchronization protocols
    (via pilot-link)
  * Access to all DLP operations
  * Read and write local databases in the standard PDB/PRC format
  * Local and remote database access use the same classes & methods
  * Uses Python class system to provide application-specific record
  * Application support[4] for Address, Datebook, Memo, To Do,
    MoneyManager, Doc, and XWord
  * Conduit management API
  * Standard conduits: Install, Backup, TimeSync
  * Python 1.5 hierarchial package layout
  * Python standard "" for easy compilation


  The primary change in this version is the use of an entirely new
  system for defining conduit options.  Conduits with options will
  need to be changed to use the new system; users should not see any
  changes.  The new option system is designed to give external
  programs more guidance in providing valid option values, by
  allowing the conduit programmer to provide validation code and
  documentation.  The Tk GUI subpackage contains a generic
  configuration dialog class, as a useful example of how to use this
  new facility.

  In addition, there are the usual bug fixes, as well as a change to
  the configuration script to allow proper building on Python 1.5.1.


  PalmPython requires Python 1.5 or newer, and pilot-link 0.8.11 or
  newer.  It is developed and tested on an i486 running Debian
  GNU/Linux 2.0, but should compile on any Unix system capable of
  running Python and pilot-link.  It may be portable to other
  platforms as well, and the author would appreciate compatibility


  PalmPython is free software, available under the GNU General Public
  License.  The most current release will be available at the URL
  above; new releases will also be submitted to the pilot-unix FTP
  site at <> on a regular basis.


  [1] http://www.*-*-*.com/
  [2] http://www.*-*-*.com/
  [4] All listed application modules support packing/unpacking of data
      records; appinfo and preferences support is still incomplete.


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