ANN: HappyDoc 2.0.1 
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 ANN: HappyDoc 2.0.1

Announcing the latest version of HappyDoc, a python documentation extraction

  HappyDoc is a tool for extracting documentation from Python source
  code.  It differs from other such applications by the fact that it
  uses the parse tree for a module to derive the information used in
  its output, rather that importing the module directly.  This allows
  the user to generate documentation for modules which need special
  context to be imported.

  More details are available on the HappyDoc home page at
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

  !!! NOTICE !!!

    Before installing HappyDoc 2.0+, any version earlier than 2.0 must
    be removed.  This includes the file 'happydoc.pth' and directory
    'happydoc' in site-packages, as well as the executable 'happydoc'
    in the 'bin' directory.

  Version 2.0.1 --

    The primary reason for this release is to resolve several bugs
    which prevented Win32 support from working properly.  Support for
    Win32 operating systems should now be restored.

    - **New Features**

      - Added limited support for CGI programs by expanding the docset
        processing to look for files ending in '.cgi' as well as

    - **Bug Fixes**

      - Resolved defect #505456 and 498204, a problem with
        '' that prevented it from working properly on
        Win32 systems.

      - Resolved defect #501240 so that path handling under Win32
        systems works properly and HappyDoc can generate output.  

      - Resolved defect #505188 so that using the '-o' option will
        properly send output to stdout.

    - **Other Changes**

      - Added more unit tests for formatters, especially
        '' and ''.

      - Updated the StructuredTextNG docstring converter so that if an
        exception is generated during parsing of the ST, we fall back
        to ClassicStructuredText.  The two syntaxes appear to be
        incompatible, and this should protect backwards compatibility
        for most users.


  Download the latest version of HappyDoc from the home page on


Sat, 24 Jul 2004 20:53:40 GMT  
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