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 Display Postscript Availability

Our company is evaluating the feasibility of using Display postscript
in one of our products, which runs under the X Window system. We are
interested in finding out about the availability of Display PostScript
on various platforms. If you have any information about systems that
provide Display PostScript, please mail a reply to the address below.

Please include this information:

        o Hardware and operating system
        o Base windowing system (X, etc...)
        o Compatibility with OSF/Motif under X?
        o Availability of a user interface toolkit on the system.
        o Please also respond if you know of X servers for PCs or
          Macintoshes that support DPS.

Thanks. Upon request, I will summarize for the network.


Kevin A. Mitchell                (312) 266-4485

441 W. Huron                     UUCP: ..!uunet!dlogics!kam
Chicago, IL  60610               FAX: (312) 266-4473

Sat, 26 Sep 1992 02:02:36 GMT  
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